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Transporter technology

As a Logistics and transport software, has as partners the main logistics and transport associations in Portugal.

Over the years we have been building bonds and contributing with our knowledge in the accomplishment of innumerable events of information technologies for the logistics and transportation sector and contributing to the clarification of legal aspects like billing certification, activity rules at an European level like eFreight, or adoption of the Electronic Manifest through the JUP (Single Port Window) and in the future JUL (Single Logistics Window).


We jointly promoted several events with a technological scope, about software for exporters, importers and other associates, teaching the use of an ERP system and other solutions to manage their processes on a digital way.

ACL-CCIP counts on an extensive network of associates throughout the country from several activity sectors and supports its associated companies in its growth and in the internationalization of the national economy promoting the connection between the SMEs and large companies.



AGEPOR was created to bring together to a single organization all Portuguese Shipping Agents for a better and more effective defense and promotion of the interests of this important sector. We help the Shipping Agents to choose the best software solutions for managing their operation.


After winning the first AIDA Startup Challenge and starting the cooperation with MAEIL it allowed us our presence in Silicon Valley, USA, in 2012, developing the project as a logistics platform for exporters or shippers. The Navigator Company became our first customer for this product.

AIDA aims to represent its members, aiming at strengthening their competitiveness and promoting companies internationalization within Aveiro region, encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting professional training, contributing to the increase of employment and social inclusion.



Founded in 1975, ANTRAM represents the Truckers and Road Transportation of Goods companies. As more and more competitive companies, we help fulfill the needs with software solutions and fleet management software and TMS for trucking companies and road hauliers needs in their daily business in Portugal.


We are the technological partner of the Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association, have been representing them in IATA events about eFreight. We organize and manage several events for Freight Forwarders providing value-added information in their transport information systems in Portugal. We also address the new business requirements that are brought to us by the international market and offer special conditions for their members.



APOL is an association that aims to make a more competitive country through logistics outsourcing. We find many Portuguese companies which its main activity is the delivery, storage, handling and movement of goods services and it is necessary to automate their management and the exchange of information between them. We answer this technological challenge through custom software solutions for logistics operators.


We have handled together many events such as the tracking of goods by sea, and the submission of electronic transport guides to Tax Authority, using software for logistics operators.

APLOG - Portuguese Logistics Association aims to promote and contribute to the study and development of Logistics in Portugal and its impact on the competitiveness of companies and the country. The goal is to reinforce the logistical knowledge of its associate professionals and to help companies and other organizations to increase the quality of their logistics management and increase their productivity, so it is necessary to adopt technologies that allow them to do so.


Technological Solutions


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