MAEIL main strategic objectives are to continue to focus on the development of new products for Transport and Logistics business activity, to grow internationally within this expertise, and to reach new markets and to be certified in quality and innovation.


Code: 17/SI/2016
Code: Componente FEDER: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-025625
Code: Componente FSE: CENTRO-04-3560-FSE-025625
Approval date: 08-02-2017
Start date: 01-05-2017
End date: 30-04-2019
Total eligible cost: 29.364,23 EUR
Financial support from the European Union: 59.692,47 EUR
National/Regional public financial support: Programa Operacional Regional do Centro

Goals and Results

The internationalization process includes the entrance on 2 new priority markets for MAEIL. Additionally we will have several digital marketing initiatives, prospecting new markets and translating our website to English and Spanish, and disruptive investments that will allow us to achieve our goals.

We hope to increase our exportations for existing markets and the entrance in new markets.

Technological Solutions


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