CRM Logistics Software and CRM Transportation Software




Is a Logistics CRM Software or Transportation CRM Software that centralizes customers relationship management.
Supports the presales and post sales process, improving the service quality of the sales team and customer service, normalizing both processes.

Cargo CRM Software

Allows the freight quote management for logistics and transportation services used on all shipping companies, with multi tariff and several multiples (as payload, TEU, weight, volume, units, etc.), allowing sending the quotes by email in any format, multi-currency, with all the tariffs details and personal layout.

Freight Software that allows registering price table list for cargo transportation.


Customer Service

For claims management and helpdesk for registering all issues with the cargo transportation, from customers.

Vertical CRM Logistics Software

Developed on top of Dynamics CRM, allows to focus on the business, use a standard workflow on the sales process with the goal to increase sales, supporting the customers correctly and having a more efficient sales team.

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